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Green Fodder

  • Description : Green crops like legume crops, cereal crops, grass crops

  • Benefits : Main & preferred food for cows. It is very highly palatable and digestible.

Gud (Jaggery)

  • Description : A sweet solid food substance obtained from the juice of sugarcane

  • Benefits : Strengthens the immunity. It contains iron & Keeps animals healthy and fit.

Indigenous GIR cows play an important role in land-health, environmental health and also the health of human beings. As per the Vedas the cow is considered to be one of the seven mothers because we drink her milk and the bull is the father. Grazing of cows and bulls on land improves the health of land and environment due to enrichment by cow-dung and urine.


The fertility of the land is so much improved that this holistic approach is also know as going from “Pharmacology to Farmocology”.

Here indigenous (Gir) cows are well cared for, irrespective of their milk productivity because everything (milk, cow urine, cow dung etc.) they produce is useful to maintain the natural cycle.

We have more than three hundred cows at Talala. This project cares for injured cows rescued from the street and others from being slaughtered.

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